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Many of you know J. Cole as a rapper from North Carolina. Cole was actually born in Frankfurt, Germany where his mother and father were living at the time.

Before we all knew him as J. Cole soonafter. Cole is actually a very good basketball player. He was a walk-on player at St. However, he never showed up when he was called back by the team and focused on music instead. Turns out, he chose the right career path.

Cole received an academic scholarship to St. When he graduated inhe had a 3.

j cole son

Back inone of J. Like many artists trying to make it big, they just want their demo tapes heard. At age 17, J. When Jay-Z came out, he was immediately rejected.

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Years later, J. Cole was eventually signed to the record label, Roc Nation, owned by Jay-Z. While struggling to get his rap career going, J. Cole was short on rent many times while living in New York. His landlord was kind enough to let him slide a few times after he promised to pay him back.

When J. Cole finally did get signed to a record deal, he paid back his landlord all the money he owed plus interest. Earlier inJ. Cole announced a ten-city U. Cole wanted his fans to enjoy great lyrical music and understand that you can accomplish your dreams, even if you were down to your last dollar.

Cole had announced a release date of June 25, for his second album, Born Sinner.As far as the hip-hop genre is concerned, there are very few names that compare to that of Jermaine Lamarr Cole, popularly known as J. Cole, in terms of popularity, commercial success, and respectability. Outside of his music, J. Cole further stands out via his personal life where he is has been with the same woman, Melissa Heholt for over a decade.

In a genre reputable for baby mamas and broken relationships, J.

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Read on to learn all about Melissa Heholt. While we do know that Melissa Heholt was born on the 10th of October,we have zero information regarding her birthplace or her birth parents, who like most things about the wife of the famed rapper, have been kept away from the media.

When it comes to her education, however, there is little more information on the details, through which we know that she attended Archbishop Molloy High School, before she headed to St. Before she decided to study Business at the college level, Melissa Heholt had a deep-seated interest in becoming a teacher due to her affinity for caretaking.

She, however, decided against pursuing a career in teaching when she considered the income revenue teachers. Following graduation from college, Melissa Heholt found herself bouncing from one job to another, looking for the perfect fit for her interest and financial needs, before deciding to head back to school to procure a Masters degree in Elementary Education, in pursuit of a career in teaching.

j cole son

After graduation, she worked as a teacher for a short while but was disillusioned by the state of the American Education system, eventually deciding to quit the profession and pursue a career in event planning, another passion of hers.

She established her company, Statice Events in and has continued to work as an event planner ever since. While she continues to manage her successful private business, she also serves as the executive director of Dreamville Foundation, which was established by her husband, J.

Cole and is designed to help challenged youths reach their potential through several programs and creation of positive experiences. The Foundation was established in and is currently based in North Carolina. Melissa Heholt and J. Cole have a relationship that sets itself apart from the stereotype in Hip Hop and it further does so by being a very private relationship.

Apart from occasional interviews and some lyrics from his music, J. Cole hardly talks about his wife and therefore, very little is known about their relationship. However, being as famous as he is, it is hard to have total secrecy and we have been able to gather some information about Melissa Heholt and J. Cole, starting with the fact they met while they were both at St.

j cole son

At the time, J. They began dating in the university and for the subsequent decade, she supported the hip hop rapper through his days of struggle until he became one of the biggest hip-hop names on the planet. When exactly Melissa Heholt and J.Clark—Cole is best known as a member of family vocal group The Clark Sisters and as a daughter of pioneering choral director Mattie Moss Clark.

She is known to the music world as the "Rose of Gospel Music". Mattie Moss-Clark. The sisters sang in their father's church and usually performed songs written and composed by their mother. Clark-Cole, a mezzo-soprano is referred to as the "jazzy sister" of the group, helped develop what is known as "The Clark Sound", which often features high and fast melismasriffsruns, scatsand soulful growls. Clark—Cole attributes her fiery, convicting singing style to her mother, who saw the gift of singing and preaching in her at an early age.

Back in the s and s, when other children their age were playing outside, Clark—Cole and her sisters had to work on their familial harmonies. Clark—Cole says, "We made a lot of sacrifices. My mom was a stickler for making sure we rehearsed before we went out to perform. She saw the gifts and talents within us and started shaping and molding us.

She taught us discipline along with how to use our gifts.

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The album featured the hit single "I'm Coming Out". Her second album, The Rose of Gospelwas released under the same label in August The live portions of both albums were produced by Asaph Ward. Released on her own ministry label, "Harvestime Ministries", the album was never heard of until she announced it the day of its release. A video on YouTube has a preview of all of the new songs on the record. The project also contains duet titled "Thank You" with her sister, Twinkie Clark.

Clark—Cole was featured on the title track of Kirk Franklin's Hero album. Clark-Cole has been evangelizing and making speaking engagements annually for over 20 years, along with her singing career and being a wife and mother. Cole also has two grandchildren.

She made history in South Africa, having been the first woman to minister in the pulpit to over 4, people. Clark-Cole's preaching ministry has also gained interest within academic spaces. According to scholar of religion Ashon Crawley, By attending to the Black Pentecostal aesthethics of whooping found in Clark-Cole's "Why Do I Come Back for More" sermon, Clark-Cole's homily is examined as producing the worship space as a discontinuous and open sonic space, open to the other voices that both proceeded her moment of being overcome with Spirit -such that other women gathered around, held and hugged her -and extended the preacherly moment by sociality, through opening up and diffusing the very grounds for the concept, for preaching, for listening, for breathing.Cole sat down for an exclusive interview with Power During the convo, Cole spoke about beating Drake in a number of different records, which made the Scorpion rapper jokingly text him, "I hate you.

When discussing West, Cole had some very insightful things to say about the controversial figure and the whole idea of idolizing celebrities. Cole said that believing in celebs this much can be a huge problem because famous people are still human beings and they have the power to let us down, when they speak about things their fans disagree with. I have a hard time watching that, and holding my tongue. Toward the end of the interview, Cole spoke briefly about being a father.

J.I.D - Off Deez ft. J. Cole (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

He's notoriously very private about his personal life. So, this was something special for the artist's fans to hear. Inthere were rumors that Cole's wife, Melissa Heholt, whom he met when they both attended St. John's University, gave birth to a baby girl. Cole has never confirmed the sex of his secret child While speaking to Martinez about purpose and a deeper meaning in life, the rapper said, "I just got done doing this album, where everyday I have purpose beyond clearly my obvious purpose as a father, as a husband.

He continued: "But, I feel like I've created a life where my purpose is too placed in music. Where I put too much of my purpose in music I start to feel, like, miserable. And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Cole is the proud father of not a daughter, but a son! Your Library Podcasts News. By Isha Thorpe May 16, Check out the rapper's entire interview with Angie Martinez below. Topics J.

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J. Cole Announces He and Wife Melissa Heholt Are Expecting Their Second Child

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J. Cole Opens Up About Life As A Dad In Angie Martinez Interview

Nice Watch. Middle Child. Shea Butter Baby feat. Ari Lennox. Work Out. KOD Jermaine Cole. Ville Mentality Jermaine Cole. Immortal Jermaine Cole.If you thought that there were too many celebrity divorces this past year, allow to tell a different kind of story.

In a January interview, movie director Ryan Coogler inadvertently revealed that J. Cole is married to one Melissa Heholt.

j cole son

Who is Melissa Heholtyou ask? You know, the woman with whom Cole is going to break the failed celebrity marriage spell? Before we take a deeper look at Cole's very successful wife, the way the marriage was introduced to the public eye deserves some attention.

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When I say Coogler "inadvertently" exposed J. Cole's marriageI really mean it. In the interview, the Creed director asked the rapper how getting married "changed" him, realized his slip-up, and apologized by saying he'd never interviewed anyone before. Cole, who is an exceedingly good sport, responded, "That was like one thing to not do. But it's all good They know now.

The couple have kept their lives relatively private over the years, but if one thing is for sure, it's that the Cole-Heholt family is made up of two very successful and ambitious partners. Here's some more info about the new bride.

To be frank here folks, there is not a ton of information about Heholt out there. And it's probably because she likes it that way, which you've got to respect. The pair seem to keep their relationship low-key see: story abovebut that doesn't mean that it's any less special. We do know that the private couple are expecting their second child, as of July Cole and Heholt, who already have a son together, revealed they were expecting their second child to the world in Cole's song "Sacrifices" on his Revenge Of the Dreamers III album.

He says in the final track. According to Bossip, Heholt and Cole apparently met in college St. They've been together ever since and reportedly got engaged in She even founded her own event planning company, Statice Events.

According to the company's Facebook page:. She wrote in the About Me section of her event planning website:. Although the pair are relatively private with their relationship, there is no doubt that they're both doing great things in their lives and careers that are making an impact in various facets of their communities.

This article was originally published on Jan. Who Is Melissa Heholt? She's Very Private.Cole 's storytelling roots run deep. When it comes to Cole's stories, though, no subject is off limits. His knack for recounting these stories—whether lighthearted or heavy—is among the most deft of his generation; every word is chosen precisely and no bars are wasted.

Cole continues his reliable narrator role on KODhis fifth solo studio album that is packed with nimble, sharp raps.

As a whole, the album focuses on an assortment of cautionary tales based around the idea of addiction —stories that touch on everything from social media to narcotics. Cole at a crossroads—not in music, but on the brink of adulthood.

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At 18, Cole was getting ready to attend St. John University in the Big Apple, but his mind was stuck on elevating his status back home by hopping into the drug game. Cole takes a new angle on his storytelling by explaining what he would do if he had a genie at his disposal who could grant him three wishes. The title track to J. Cole tells the story of his struggle with materialism, realizing that his desire for the gaudiest chain is masking an emptiness within.

Cole perfectly detailed college life on his The Come Up cut. It's a fascinating look at the dynamic between celebrities and groupies.

Cole's sophomore offering Born Sinnerhe quickly jumped into storytelling mode on the album's second track. The song starts off with Cole at a familiar career crossroad: facing label pressure to make a hit single. Once he drops "Work Out," word gets back from No ID that Nas wasn't a fan of the record, to which Cole reacts defensively before insisting that he sacrificed his art for the greater good of artists who'd follow, who could buck the standard pop-pandering album release format.

The song that put Cole on the map is loosely based on his dealings with women. Cole won over listeners' hearts with this back-and-forth debate about abortion. Of course, as Cole tells it, the only dope pumping out of the studio is musical.

Back when Cole was known as Therapist, he had a young and squeaky voice but his storytelling was matured. Cole is as conversational as ever, delivering poignant dialogue without skipping a beat. Adolescent angst is one of J. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Filed Under: FeatureJ. ColeThe List. Categories: MusicNews. Back To Top.

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